Maui solar projects are some of the best solar projects on Hawaii. These solar energy projects generate power for homes, businesses and communities across the island. Getting the best and most appropriate solar system on the island starts with hiring the best solar company. And then you’ll have to figure out the type of Maui solar project you need.

Types of Maui Solar Projects

All Maui solar projects are not exactly the same and each is built to serve a different purpose. The following are the key types of Maui solar energy projects:

Maui Solar Projects

Residential Solar Projects

As the name implies, this Maui solar project is built to generate solar power for residential homes on the island. Most of the PV panels used for this Maui solar energy projects are mounted on the roof, backyard or even on the roof of other buildings or structures on the property. This could range from a shed, detached garage or even a carport. Residential solar panels are often made up of eight to twenty panels.

Commercial Solar Systems 

Commercial solar projects on Maui are solar energy systems built for commercial or business use. The size of such business could be as small as one or two shops or as huge as a manufacturing plant or even a multinational company.

The number of solar panels required for commercial solar projects on Maui range from a dozen to thousands of panels. Similar to Maui solar energy for residential use, these panels are usually mounted on the rooftop, on a nearby facility or on the ground adjacent.

With both commercial and residential Maui solar systems, the panels are affixed on the business facility or the property of the homeowner. The solar energy system is also built to generate power for business facility or the home only.

Utility-scale Maui Solar Project

 This is a large-scale Maui solar power project. Utility-scale projects are made up of hundreds or thousands of solar PV panels. The solar energy generated by this large-scale project is either sold to:

One or more large institution such as a university or other large institutions within the same area that joins resources to buy the generated power.

An organization to supply its required power in a specific region

A utility town (if a city owns the electric utility) or an electric cooperative to supply commercial and residential customers within their service area.

Community solar 

Community solar power projects are built to provide solutions to homeowners and businesses who are interested in solar energy but are unable to install solar panels for whatever reason. Some utilities provide solar energy to such customers as various solar option. The utility constructs a utility-scale Maui solar projects to generate solar power for interested consumers. They sell the generated power to homeowners and businesses via various business model.

Community solar projects and utility scale are of various sizes. There’s no precise method of defining both. More so, there’s no clear-cut definition of how large these solar power systems must be.

As a result of their large sizes and the number of solar panels required for utility-scale Maui solar systems or community solar systems, they are typically mounted on the ground. This means whoever owns this project require a large size of land.