Solar backup batteries on Maui make it easier for you to leverage the maximum potentials of your solar panels. While your solar system generates clean green energy through sunlight, you’ll need a storage system to back up the excess amount of energy.

You’ll enjoy a low-cost power backup when the sun goes down by storing the excess energy your solar panels produce during the daytime.

That storage is mostly important when lights go off in your community or at night etc. Solar backup batteries on Maui ensure that you always have power on hand and savings as a backup.

How do solar backup batteries on Maui work?

Many homes require more energy in the morning when people are getting ready for the day and at night when most people are back home.

That’s when most appliances and electronics are in use. Meanwhile, while most people are away from home, energy consumption goes down during the day.

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But that’s when the sun is mostly up and shinning and your solar system is generating the highest amount of energy.

As such, the ratio of energy production to consumption is at a peak during the day. That means your solar system is generating the highest amount of energy with little or no consumption.

However, when you have solar backup batteries on the island, you can store all that excess energy and use them at night when the sun is down or any other time. This is an effective method of offsetting your entire electricity bill.

Benefits of solar backup batteries on Maui

There are several key benefits of solar backup batteries on Maui. The following are some of the key benefits:

Energy independence

Energy independence is one of the key reasons why having solar backup batteries on Maui is key. Solar backup batteries give you absolute control over your energy source, consumption, as well as what you can do with it.

Increase your savings

By simply drawing energy from your solar backup batteries on the island, you’re using the most affordable power your solar panels can produce.

The best part is you can use the energy at night or any other time of the day.  Utility companies are known for charging higher rates at night during peak hours, you can easily draw power from your solar backup batteries on Maui during this period.

Better for the environment – Renewable energy

By making the most of the energy production potential of your solar system, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar energy is the cleanest energy on the planet and using solar power is better and safer for the environment. Making Maui and entire Hawaii a safer and better environment for everyone is key.

Features to consider when choosing solar batteries

1.     Capacity and Power

Solar backup batteries on the island capacity refer to the amount of power the battery can store. This is measured in kilowatt-hours, or kWh.

The capacity also determines how long you can power your home with the power stored in the battery.

2.     Depth of Discharge (DoD)

This refers to how long you can use the solar backup batteries to power your home before it needs a recharge.

3.     Round-Trip Efficiency

This refers to the percentage of energy you can get from your solar backup battery compared to the amount of energy the solar panels send to the battery.

4.   Warranty

Solar backup batteries on the island warranty terms help you figure out how long the batteries are expected to last.