Tesla solar battery on Maui is a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and used as a storage system for solar PV systems. Also known as Tesla Powerwall, Tesla solar battery on Maui stores excess energy produced by a solar system that a home or business can use as a backup. If you’re going solar to become energy independent, having a Tesla solar battery on Maui is your best bet.

For example, when the sun is down at night, you can use the Tesla solar battery on Maui to power your home. Also, you can use it during city-wide power outages, or whenever you need a backup. The best part is that you can use the Tesla solar battery on Maui in any home, business, building, or facility with a solar system.

Tesla solar battery on Maui works best in areas with excess day-time solar electricity such as Maui making it a perfect choice for home and business owners on the island. Prior to the release of the Tesla solar battery, solar system owners had to depend on large, costly battery banks and excess energy is wasted or sent back to the grid if that’s an option.

Tesla Solar Battery on Maui 2

Why Tesla solar battery on Maui?

Here are some of the key reasons why having a Tesla solar battery is such a great idea:

  • With the battery, you can power your home with solar energy any time you want
  • You can lower your power bills by charging during off-peak hours
  • Save excess energy for your home or business
  • You can install Tesla solar batteries on Maui outdoor or indoor
  • Monitor your energy consumption
  • Makes it easier to keep your appliances running during outages
  • Boost your property value in addition to the solar system

These are the key benefits of Tesla Powerwall installation.

How Tesla solar battery works with solar panels

Solar PV panels are designed to absorb sunlight to generate DC electricity. However, DC isn’t suitable for home use. So, an inverter is required to convert the DC to AC which is suitable for home use.

You can use the generated energy to power your home, and then store the excess energy via Tesla solar battery. Another option is to send the excess energy to the grid if applicable. Just one Tesla Powerwall+ can store up to 13.5 kWh. Such capacity is often enough to run your home’s appliances at night or during power outages for whatever reason. This is one of the key reasons you need a Tesla Powerwall solar system on Maui.

One of the best parts of using a Tesla solar battery is that you can monitor your solar system’s power production and consumption via the Tesla app. The Tesla app is compatible with both iOS and Android-powered devices.

With the app, you can see how much energy the Tesla solar battery is storing, current power consumption, as well as the amount of generated power your home is exporting to the grid, if applicable.

More so, with a Tesla solar battery, you’ll depend less on traditional electricity which is produced by burning fossil fuels that pollute the environment. Going solar means making the entire island a better and safer place for everyone.