A lot of people today wonder about solar energy vs fossil fuels on Maui. With solar becoming more and ore popular, it’s only natural to wonder about what the main fuss is about when it comes to renewable energy.

Most off the energy produced today is still supplied by fossil fuels and in part, by nuclear power. However, over the next couple years, it is expected that solar power will gain more ground and global production of renewable energy will increase by as much as 50%.

That said, let’s take a closer look at solar energy vs fossil fuels on Maui.

Solar energy vs fossil fuels on Maui: strengths and flaws

1. As long as the Sun keeps shining, we’ll have energy

One of the main differences between solar energy vs fossil fuels on Maui has to do with the source. As long as the Sun keeps rising every morning, we can produce energy all day, every day. For free!

2. A solar system takes a lot of space

When compared to other sources that produce energy, installing solar systems requires space . Residential PV systems, for instance, need enough space on the roof for the solar panels to be installed. If they won’t fit, then they may take up additional space elsewhere, such the backyard. And if that’s not an option, you may not be able to get a PV system to fit your needs.

3. Solar energy vs fossil fuels on Maui: renewable is free

When compared to fossil fuels, solar energy actually comes for free! The moment the sunlight reaches the solar panels, energy production can begin.

4. Solar energy production can have its flaws

Unfortunately, clouds or nature blocking the sunlight from reaching the panels may limit the energy production needed for homes or businesses to function at full capacity. When there’s no direct sunlight powering the PV system, the energy production may die down to as low as 80%.

5. Fossil fuel energy production operates for centuries, so we know it works

When comparing solar energy vs fossil fuels on Maui, the latter distribution model has been around for so long, we clearly know the system works. This type of energy is constantly produced and stored until it needs to used, even at night.

6. Staying connected to the grid costs money

Of course, even though the old system is convenient, it can cost a lot of money in the long term to remain connected to the grid. One of the main reasons why so many homeowners prefer to go solar is cost. While solar energy production is free, using the current distribution model comes at a hefty long term cost.

7. Investing in a solar PV system costs money

Speaking of money, installing a solar panel system for your home isn’t free. Furthermore, if you choose to get a PV system with a battery, the total cost of your investment will be even higher. However, making a financial effort now can save you a lot more in the future. Besides, if you qualify for State and Federal tax incentives, you’ll be able to significantly lower the cost of your system.

8. Fossil fuels pollute the environment

The biggest concern when it comes to solar energy vs fossil fuels on Maui, is that the latter pollutes our environment. If we’re looking to give out planet a chance, looking into renewable energy sources and investing in solar is just a small step towards a better future.