Solar PV inverter  on Maui is one of the key components of a solar system that makes the entire unit functional. With the right solar PV inverter, your solar system can easily convert the variable direct current (DC) generated by the PV solar panels to alternating current (AC) which is suitable for home appliances and other electrical needs.

Solar PV inverters on Maui are often set up outdoors to ensure regular exposure to sunlight. A standard solar PV inverter on the island is made up of four key components; the inverter, battery, solar panels and the charge controller. The question is, how can you tell which products are right for you when you’re ready to get solar PV inverter on Maui?

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Solar PV Inverter on Maui

We’ve compiled the key things you’ll have to consider to help you make the right choice.

1. Take a look at the safety certification

Every solar PV inverter on Maui is expected to have a safety certification. So, just before you pick any, look for the safety certification of the inverter. Is it certified safe by a reliable testing laboratory? You should consider going online to verify the name of the independent testing laboratory to be sure that you’ll end up with real value for your money.

solar pv inverter on Maui

2. Learn basic industry terminology

No one expects you to become a solar expert overnight before purchasing the right solar PV inverter. Nonetheless, you should learn the basic terminologies required to understand what makes a solar PV inverter on thick or thin. You can learn the meaning of simple terms like amps, amp-hours, watts, watt-hours, as well as how efficient the solar PV inverter on Maui will be. You can easily learn the meaning of these terms on the internet.

3. Pick the right battery

Most often than not, the lifespan of your solar inverter depends mostly on its battery. As such, it is absolutely crucial to pick the right battery for your solar inverter. You’ll have to check the battery capacity which is the highest number of hours the battery can power all the devices required for the solar system to work. The higher the battery capacity, the better it is for your solar PV inverter on Maui. You can read about the right questions to ask before installing a solar system.

4. Power rating and surge

 All solar inverters are not manufactured with the same power and surge rating. So, you’ll have to check the power and surge rating before buying any solar PV inverter on Maui. Solar inverter surge rating refers to the number of watts of overload the inverter can hold within a short period of time. The higher the surge rating, the safe it is for your devices.

5. Peak power and Typical power

Solar PV inverters on Maui usually supply two types of powers.

  • Peak Power: this is the optimal power that a solar PV inverter on Maui is capable of delivering over a short period of time from within few seconds to 15 minutes. Some appliances such as refrigerators need a startup peak power that is higher than they need when running.
  • Typical Power: this is the regular power an inverter is capable of supplying steadily and its usually not as high as the peak power.