There are several ways Tesla Powerwall can save you money on Maui. Solar is the cleanest method of generating electricity and you can make it the most affordable for your home by using a Tesla Powerwall. In fact, with a Tesla Powerwall, you can make money off your solar system and put the ROI back in your pocket.

5 Ways Tesla Powerwall Save Money on Maui

Power through the night

The most efficient way Tesla Powerwall saves money on Maui is by generating all of your electricity without relying on or using energy from your local energy company. Solar panels usually produce more electricity than a home can consume. With the Tesla Powerwall, you can store the excess energy and use it to power your home at night or for use at any other time. This is far better than letting renewable energy go to waste.

How does Tesla Powerwall save you money on Maui 2

Become more energy independent

Once you have a Tesla Powerwall installed in your home, you can save money off your electricity bills and become more power independent. Investing in a home battery such as the Tesla Powerwall can lower the amount you spend on electricity and ensure that you never experience an outage.

If you have a solar energy system, adding a Tesla Powerwall can make it easier to self-power your home all the time. This will depend on the capacity of your solar system. The Tesla Powerwall system will charge from your solar panels during the daytime. Then it can continue to power your home with electricity at night. Once the sun is up the next day, the process starts afresh while your Powerwall continues to recharge.

Even if you’re making money with your solar system through your utility company via net metering, the solar power your panels generate is up to 2 -3 times more valuable than sending it to the utility company for credits. Fortunately, your home can keep all the energy your solar system generates with a battery backup system like Tesla Powerwall.

Eligible for warranty and federal tax credit

You’ll get a 10-year warranty for whatever Tesla Powerwall you choose. The systems are also eligible for Federal Tax Credit and local incentives. To be eligible for this credit, your Tesla Powerwall must be 100% charged by the solar system. You can learn about why you need a Tesla Powerwall system on Maui.

Avoid surging electric prices

Electricity companies are known for increasing their rates at certain periods of the year and the cost of energy is continuously increasing. The Tesla Powerwall can save you money by ensuring that you avoid these increased rates. Even when your solar system is unable to generate the energy your home requires, your home can still run on the excess energy stored on the Tesla Powerwall.

You can check to find out if your utility company offers Time-of-Use rates. It allows users to consume less expensive energy that is generated and stored in a Tesla Powerwall battery. This will make it easier for you to avoid electrical charges during more expensive rate periods.

Monitor your energy usage

Tesla Powerwall can help you save money on Maui by helping you to monitor your energy usage. The system allows you to see how your solar panels generate and consumes energy at any period of time. Even more, you can use the Tesla app to monitor your home energy system in real-time.