A Tesla Powerwall solar system on Maui is designed to store energy absorbed from sunlight during daylight hours and make them available for later use.

As you know, the way solar systems work is, they absorb sunlight and convert it into suitable electricity for home use and Tesla Powerwall is a battery that can store solar energy. You can use that stored energy to power your home when the grid is down and you can also use it to power your home at night, when the sun is down.

How does a Tesla Powerwall solar system work on Maui?

Once the sun is up, your home solar system starts generating power. If you require additional power for whatever reason, you may pull from the utility grid if you’re connected to one. The Tesla Powerwall system is charged by solar during daylight hours when the panels are usually generating more electricity than the home requires.

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Powerwall stores the excess energy and the home can easily use it when the solar system isn’t producing any energy. Powerwall is also a dependable replacement during a power outage or when the grid is offline for any reason.

Key Benefits of having a Tesla Powerwall System on Maui

Eliminate downtime through the night

The key benefit of the Tesla Powerwall solar system on Maui is generating the electricity your home needs without relying on the grid. During daylight hours, solar panels usually produce more electricity than a home requires due to sunlight. With the Tesla Powerwall, you can easily store that excess energy and use it to power your home at night or any other time rather than allow it to end up as waste.

If you’re connected to the grid and making some money through net metering, the solar power your panels generate is worth about twice or more the value of sending it to the grid company for credits. With a Tesla Powerwall solar system, your home on Maui can save all the energy your system generates through the battery backup.

Avoid rising electricity costs

Utility companies usually raise their rates at certain periods of the year and the costs of electricity are constantly rising. With a Tesla Powerwall solar system on Maui, you can easily avoid these rising rates and peak charges. How is that possible? Even when your solar panels aren’t producing energy, your entire household can be powered by the energy stored on the Powerwall. You won’t have to bother about peak rate charges from electricity companies.

Easily monitor your energy consumption

With the Tesla Powerwall mobile app, monitoring your home’s energy consumption will be a breeze. The best part is that you can do so in real-time. The app makes it easier to see how your home generates and consumes energy at any period of time. Excessive consumption makes it easier for you to spot appliances left unattended that are consuming a significant amount of energy.

Protect your home from grid outage

Sometimes, the unexpected happens.  There can be an outage across the grid for whatever reason. When a sudden grid outage affects your neighborhood, your Tesla Powerwall solar system on Maui will ensure your home is safe. More so, Powerwall can send signals to the National Weather Service if you activate Storm Watch. In fact, your Tesla Powerwall can prioritize charging whenever there’s a tendency for severe weather conditions that can affect the grid. You can learn more about installing a Tesla Powerwall system on Maui.