Finding top solar energy companies in Maui doesn’t require rocket science. For instance, you can contact Pacific Energy ( a top-rated solar energy company in Maui) for all kinds of solar energy related services. You can read these reviews from previous clients to learn more about the quality of services Pacific Energy provides.

Since asking the right questions can help you find the right answers, there are several questions you can ask any solar energy company in Maui to determine if they are the right contractor for your job.

Ask These 6 Questions To Find Top Solar Energy Companies In Maui

Here are the key questions to ask when you’re looking to find and hire a top rated solar energy company in Maui:

1. Is the solar energy company based in Maui?

You shouldn’t make the mistake of hiring a solar energy company that is not based on the island of Maui. When you hire a top rated solar energy company nearby, they can easily reach out to you anytime and help you out with anything you need.

top solar energy companies in Maui

Also, top solar energy companies in Maui are familiar with the city design guidelines and  local laws. They are also familiar with permit regulations, tax incentives, and several other things. They also consider all other things that impacts solar energy systems on the island.

2. Is the solar energy company licensed?

Solar energy companies and contractors in Maui are expected to have the required licenses to carry out their trades on the island. One of these is the electrical contractor license to install and connect a solar system. They are also required to have a general contracting license for solar panels installations and attaching the frame to the roof.

Top rated solar energy companies in Maui like Pacific Energy has all the required licenses to perform all types of solar energy related services on the island.

3. Is the solar energy company certified?

Top solar energy companies in Maui are certified as required. Certifications allow you to compare experience and knowledge between top rated solar energy companies on the island. Some of such important certifications are The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and ETA international, among several others.

These organizations are rated as standards for the solar energy industry. Though their certifications aren’t mandatory, they go a long way to show that companies that have them have taken the time and training required to obtain them.

4. How long has the solar company been in business?

One of the key things that will point you in the right direction of top solar energy companies in Maui is the length of time these companies have been in business. You can easily compare this to their pedigree and reviews. You should also request for references of previous jobs they did in Maui. This makes it easier to draw the line between a top rated solar energy company in Maui and the ones who are yet to make their mark.

5. What are the available financing options?

Top rated solar energy companies are always willing to provide details of various financing options available to homeowners. All you have to do is choose the one you’re eligible for and that suits your needs.  Ask whatever company you intend to hire for financing options you’re eligible for.