As the cost of solar panels continue to nosedive across the country, homeowners in Hawaii are among those taking the lead in solar panel installation. Many homeowners across the island are now interested in solar panels more than ever.

According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser solar permits in Hawaii are up 70% over this same time last year; a huge show of demand.

However, how to find the most affordable solar panels in Hawaii is among the key considerations for going green.

5 Ways To Get Affordable Solar Panels in Hawaii

You can get the most affordable solar panels on the island through the following ways:

Affordable Solar Panels In Hawaii

1. Find out about the average cost of solar in Hawaii

The first step to finding affordable solar panels in Hawaii is to learn about the average cost of getting solar panels on the island. Once you know the average cost of solar panels in Hawaii, then it’s easier to set a standard for the price you expect when you start comparing quotes.

You can use this solar size calculator to figure out the size of the panels you need on your rooftop to generate sufficient energy for your home. And then you can use this instant solar PV quote to get several quotes of the right solar panel size for your home. Once you do this, you’re already on the right track to finding the most affordable solar panels in Hawaii.

2. Learn about the quality of the solar panels you’re interested in

The quality of solar panels in the year 2020 varies greatly. Some panels last longer, come with a longer warranty periods, and are more expensive as a result. Some are cheaper, get damaged easily and come with a shorter warranty period. Also, some are expensive yet generate low amounts of electricity over their shorter life span; no thank you.

An insight to consider is that pricing strategies of less established companies breaking into a mature market typically come in low, establish a presence, and raise prices over time. When looking at solar panels ask yourself ‘how long has this company been around?’ and ‘what percentage – of their total annual revenue – does solar play’?

Cheaper on the surface may cost more over time.

The key is to do some research. Ask as many questions as possible before signing any deal, read online reviews, and see why Pacific Energy is offering the best option in the market today.

3. Learn more about tax credits and incentives

You can reduce the cost of your going solar by learning about Hawaii solar tax incentives and rebates that you’re eligible for. In addition, if you don’t intend to pay for your PV system upfront, find out more about your financing options. Also, before signing the paperwork with any solar company, make sure you qualify for a loan. This is one of the easiest ways to find the most affordable solar panels in Hawaii.

4.    Apply for solar loans in Hawaii

Other key options of getting the most affordable solar panels in Hawaii include leasing or applying for solar loans in Hawaii. Though some loans may take 10 to 20 years to pay them off, they may be the best option for many homeowners on the island. If you’re eligible for a loan, you should consider applying for one to cover for your installation costs. You can as well reach out to Pacific Energy to learn more about your financing options.

5.    Lease solar system in Hawaii

Another option is to lease a solar system in Hawaii. This is the least profitable option for homeowners on the island. When you decide to lease, it means you’re not the owner of the PV system.

Also, when you eventually add up all your payment, you may find out that you’ve actually paid the leasing company more money than is required to buy a PV system for yourself. Rather than pay someone monthly to rent a system, you may as well get a solar loan and make the same monthly payment.