When it comes to storing electricity from solar power systems, there are four basic solar battery types on Maui. A summary of the many commercially available technologies is provided below. Read on to learn more about these solar battery types so you can choose the best option for your home!

Solar battery types on Maui


Lead-acid is one of the major solar batteries. Definitely ugly and big. However, it is also dependable and tried and true. For decades, many homeowners have relied on lead-acid batteries to get them off the grid. However, as solar battery storage becomes more common, they are quickly being surpassed by other technologies that provide longer warranties and lower prices.


Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are advancing at a breakneck pace as the electric vehicle sector propels them forward. For the foreseeable future, lithium-ion batteries, led by the superbly advertised Tesla Powerwall, appear to be the most popular alternative for on-grid solar battery storage. Lithium-ion remains one of the major solar battery types on Maui.

Solar Battery Types


Flow is one of the major solar battery types on Maui. It is a recent addition to the battery storage market (though their technology has been around for many years).

Flow batteries are named for the water-based zinc-bromide solution that sloshes around inside them. The ZCell is the world’s smallest flow battery. You can use Flow battery for your solar system on Maui.

Sodium Nickel Chloride

Another alternative to the dominating lithium-ion storage technology is sodium nickel chloride technology. This battery has a number of environmental and safety advantages due to its unique battery chemistry. Sodium nickel chloride is one of the major solar battery types on Maui. Learn more about Maui solar panels and what makes them unique.

Why Do We Need Good Solar Battery types on Maui?

The surface of the earth receives massive amounts of energy from our sun. Our globe absorbs more energy in an hour of sunshine than the world consumes in a year, according to our calculations.

According to calculations, a solar panel field the size of Texas could provide 100% of humanity’s energy demands for a year.

Furthermore, in most nations around the world, solar energy is presently the most cost-effective source of electricity. Those are impressive numbers, so why aren’t we adopting solar energy more quickly?

Only 3% of the world’s electricity is generated by solar panels at the moment. The fundamental reason is that solar energy is intermittent, which means that our sun does not shine the same way all of the time (due to weather and seasonal variations), particularly at night.

Solar energy, like most renewable energy sources, must therefore be stored in order to be used on-demand. Solar batteries are currently the most adaptable technique to store solar energy.

What are good solar battery types on Maui?

You can charge solar batteries on Maui with solar energy and a solar charge controller. A good solar battery should have the following features:

  • Durable (high number of charge/discharge cycles, extended life length) • Powerful
  • Accept rapid charging/discharging
  • Safe
  • Robust
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • And, last, inexpensive

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