The sun is the ultimate source of energy on earth. Solar energy on Hawaii is also a leading source of energy applicable for several different use. Most importantly, solar energy is the cleanest and most renewable source of energy on earth. This makes it the safest source of energy on the planet. More so, solar energy on Hawaii can be channeled into various use for mankind. We’ve compiled some of the key things you can do with solar power on Hawaii.

6 Uses of Solar Energy on Hawaii 

1. Solar water heating

 Solar energy is useful for water heating. Many water heating systems create hot water for residential use. How does it work? Solar water heaters rely on a rooftop cell to soak up the sun’s heat and then channel it to the water tank. The payback period for solar water heaters is often within a five to ten years period.

Solar energy is also applicable for heating swimming pools mostly in the southwestern and southeastern U.S. states. The process involves water circulating to a collector,  heated by sunlight and then transferred back into the pool. This pool heating system costs about $3000 to $4000 or more and often has a 1.5 to seven years payback period.

2. Solar ventilation

Solar energy on Hawaii is useful as solar ventilation. One of such use is the solar attic fans which can lessen the workload of your HVAC by cooling your home during summer. Solar ventilation is an effective option if you’re yet to install a solar PV system that can offset your residential electricity consumption. Solar ventilation is also applicable for industrial and commercial use such as preheating a building’s

air during cold weather and lowering energy costs.

3. Solar electricity

We all need electricity on Hawaii. Thanks to solar energy, now we all can have access to electricity at an extremely cheaper rate. Considering the declining costs of solar PV panels on the island, many more home and business owners are choosing solar energy ahead of the traditional source of power. Solar electricity can power homes, businesses, public centers, sport arena, and events etc. If you’re on Hawaii and you’re yet to start using solar energy, you’re already missing out on a lot of benefits. Here’s how to find the best solar companies on the island.

4. Solar lighting

Solar power light is another important use of solar energy on Hawaii. It can be used anywhere and for several things on Hawaii. From road signs, to landscaping, street lights, security lights and more. Solar lighting is a reliable and cost-effective source of lights. The best part is solar lighting technologies for residential use are cost-effective and available from high-end designs to basic. More so, you can find these solar energy lightings on Hawaii online and offline.

5. Portable solar

Portable solar are the various solar energy systems embedded in various devices we use regularly. Devices such as smartphones, calculators, and laptops etc. can be powered by using a portable solar PV charger. There are several other portable devices that can be powered by portable solar energy on Hawaii.

Electric vehicles on Maui

6. Solar transportation

Solar energy on Hawaii is applicable for powering various means of transportation including buses, trains, and race cars etc. Though using solar energy for transporting is still in its early stage, in the future, they could become the major means of transporting forcing the world to abandon fossil fuel as we all seek for a better and safer planet.