Have you ever considered looking into solar panel kits for your home in Maui?

For many homeowners on the island, the cost of buying and installing a solar PV system seems high. Therefore, more and more people started looking into solar panel kits for their home in Maui.

However, while “do it yourself” solar kits sound like a less expensive alternative to go green, going into this on your own may not be the best idea.

Without any further ado, here’s a list of pros and cons to consider if you’re thinking about getting your own solar panel kits for your home in Maui.

Advantages of solar panel kits for your home in Maui

The main reason why so many homeowners in the country opt for DIY solar panel kits for their home in Maui is cost. Installing your own PV system is definitely cheaper and furthermore, the cost of purchasing a home solar power kit is significantly lower than buying a full scale system.

Another thing that makes people excited about the idea of going solar on their own is the fact that a solar power kit actually contains everything you need to get your PV system up and running. And with so many tutorials out there, explaining how to get your system in place, it’s tempting to forego what it seems like a very costly investment.

DIY Solar Panels Maui

The disadvantages of building your own PV system

The problem with solar panel kits for your home in Maui is that a lot can go wrong during the installation.

First of all, DIY solar kits for homes require a huge amount of research. And even so, the tutorials and guides on how to install your own system are often times presented by a non-professional. There’s a reason why solar installers need to be licensed and why their employees need to undergo proper training.

Second, getting your own solar panel kit for your home in Maui means that you’re literally, on your own. If something goes wrong during the installation you’ll have no warranty to fall back on. Even if you’d recourse to the manufacturer, it would be quite difficult to actually prove a product warranty fault.

Amateur instructions and warranty problems aside, the biggest issue with solar panel kits for your home in Maui is general safety. Installing your own solar system is potentially dangerous in a wide number of ways.

First, unless you install your system correctly, the biggest problem may be your home catching on fire, on top of the risk of injuries or self electrocution. You may be careful and invest in a quality kit, but there’s no guarantee that something may go wrong with the installation and, what could have been a fun experience could quickly turn into a nightmare.

Another serious risk you may encounter is the possibility that the solar panels will damage your roof. What if your roof isn’t strong enough to hold the panels? If this happens, you may end up paying more to fix your home than you would have paid for a new PV system.

With that in mind, it’s clear that hiring a qualified solar installer to help plan your PV system installation is a much better idea. Not only that, but a licensed professional may even help you navigate the complex details of qualifying for state and local tax incentives. Once you take advantage of the financial perks available to you, you’ll be able to cover more than half the cost for your PV system installation and start saving money right away.