Finding the right solar PV installations company on Maui may seem tricky especially if you don’t how to choose the right one. More so, when you choose a solar installer, you’re not only hiring a solar company but also choosing a company to take good care of your solar needs for many years to come.

As such, you’ll have to make sure that you choose the right company to help you put the right foot forward. Learn more about why you need a residential solar system on Maui.

Tips for choosing the right solar PV installation company on Maui

You can find and hire the right solar PV installation company on Maui by making the most of the following tips:

Choose a solar installer based on Maui

Choosing a locally owned solar installer on Maui gives you the assurance that the company will always be there whenever you need them. Local solar installers such as Pacific Energy are your neighbors who are on the same island as you.

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Local solar installers are fully aware that reputation matters a lot on the island and so they work around the clock to deliver top-quality services at all times. National installers are known for their various commercial and corporate clients and they may consider just one residential customer job as a tiny piece of the puzzle.

Even more, local solar PV installation companies on Maui are experts in local building and electric codes. Local installers won’t hesitate to work with you to deliver a customized design suitable for your energy needs, investment goals, as well as the types and layout of your roof.

Choose top-quality customer care

Customer support is one of the key things you’ll have to look at before choosing any solar PV installation company in Maui. You can learn a lot about a solar company and the quality of its services by reading online reviews.

You can easily tell the quality of service of any solar installer on Maui once you find their reviews online. Learn more about how to choose the right residential solar panels on Maui.

Consider warranties

Warranties are among the key things you’ll have to consider before choosing any solar PV installations company in Maui. You should choose the solar installations company offering the most suitable warranty for you. Some solar installers on the island offer a 20 – 25-year product (equipment) warranty.

In addition, customers ger 20 -25 years of production (performance) warranty. Choose a solar PV installer that has been in the business long enough to have a strong reputation of standing by customers for many years based on warranty agreement.

Choose the right solar financing options

There are various methods of financing your solar PV installations on Maui. Ask your solar installer about the various financing options you’re eligible for and how to access them. Going solar may seem expensive, but there are lots of tax incentives and benefits. One of such is Maui residential solar tax credit.