Tesla roof solar panels on Maui produce the cleanest form of energy on the planet – solar energy. If you’re interested in going green on the island without bothering about solar panels, you can replace your entire roof with Tesla roof solar panels!  Plus, the stylish designs of the panels can enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Now the question is, why do you need Tesla roof solar panels on Maui? Let’s find out!

Going green with Tesla roof solar panels on Maui

Higher ROI

Tesla roof solar panels on Maui guarantee a higher return on investment compared to your regular roofs. You’ll enjoy the benefit of saving more money on electricity and roofing in the long run. Tesla solar roofs are manufactured to generate more solar energy than is required so you can save more on electricity. In fact, the roof can generate a higher amount of energy to easily offset its acquisition costs within the shortest possible time.

Tesla Roof Solar Panels on Maui 1

Get a Powerwall battery backup  

Once you opt for Tesla solar panels roof on Maui, you’ll get a Powerwall battery backup. This battery can store the excess energy your Tesla solar roof solar panels in Hawaii are generating. That means you won’t have to bother about using the regular electricity at night or during outages. The Powerwall battery is dependable and can function as a reliable backup to power your home.

Tesla roof solar panels on Maui are durable

Durability is key when investing in solar panels. Tesla roof solar panels in Hawaii are produced to function optimally in all kinds of weather. They can function at a higher level to deliver maximum energy on Maui. More so, you’ll be eligible for a 25 years warranty on your Tesla solar panels roof in Hawaii. This warranty is the manufacturer’s hallmark of quality to give you peace of mind that your Tesla roof solar panels in Hawaii will continue functioning for a long time. Make sure you get a Tesla-certified installer for the roof installation.

Tesla Roof Solar Panels Maui produces maximum energy

Tesla solar panels roofs in Hawaii are designed to produce a higher amount of energy with the least exposure to sunlight. Compared to other regular solar panels, Tesla solar panels roofs in Hawaii don’t require high exposure to sunlight. Once your roof is up, you can expect maximum solar energy that is high enough to offset your electricity costs.

Keep an eye on your energy use in real-time

Once you have the tesla solar roof tiles installed in your home, you can download the Tesla mobile app to monitor your electricity consumption. The app is designed to show how your entire home consumes energy and you can easily control the system remotely regardless of your location. That’s one more reason to get the Tesla roof solar panels in Hawaii.

Power your home at the lowest price per watt

With Tesla solar panels roof in Hawaii, you’ll be powering your home with the least expensive price of energy per watt. You’ll be in absolute control of your monthly electricity bills. More so, you’ll be able to easily offset the cost of the product within the least possible amount of time.

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