Need a professional Tesla installer on Maui?

Tesla Powerwall makes increasing your energy savings easier and faster. While you can charge your solar panels during daylight hours, your home can run on the stored energy from your battery at night. This eradicates the need to rely on the grid for energy and you can save more on your electricity bills. What is Tesla Powerwall on Maui and why do you need one?

Hire a reputable Tesla installer on Maui

Solar system and battery installation are key investments that are worthy of their costs and ROI (return on investment). Finding a reputable Tesla installer on Maui can be the key difference between your ROI and savings. When buying a Tesla Powerwall battery, choose an installer that is certified, such as Pacific Energy.

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More so, go for solar companies that have been around for some years. Experience is key in the solar business. So, choosing a company that has been around for a while can make a huge difference.

What’s the cost of hiring a Tesla Installer on Maui?

The cost of hiring a Tesla installer on Maui depends on several factors including the following:

The number of Powerwall you install

If you have the average 2,600 sq. ft home on Maui, you can power it with just 2 Powerwall. While your solar panels are charged during the day, you can draw from the excess energy stored in the battery at night to power your home.

This eradicates the need to draw energy from the grid and will lower your electricity bills even more. Learn about why you need a Tesla Powerwall certified installer on Maui.

Energy assessment

Powerwall base prices are displayed on Tesla’s website. But the prices don’t tell the whole story. The prices exclude, permitting, design, and installation costs. However, installation costs are a key part of the entire Powerwall cost. As such, it’s crucial to get an accurate evaluation of your energy consumption to figure out the right amount of power you need. Contact Pacific Energy today for a free consultation and estimate.

Tax rebates and incentives

You can get some tax rebates and incentives to make your going solar more affordable. Learn about Maui residential solar tax credits. Read about why you need Tesla solar roof on Maui and why choose Pacific Energy as your Tesla installer on Maui.

Pacific Energy will take care of all permits and installation work making the entire process a breeze. Our team of Tesla installers on Maui will determine the best solar strategy and design and figure out what the power potential is. This will ensure that you only get the best of what you need to power your home and save on electricity.

Get your Tesla installation up in 5 easy steps

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3. We customize your design
4. We install your system
5. You review our performance

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